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About Floatation

For us, Floatation means reaching a state of absolute tranquility by floating. The salt water, body and air stays at 35°C, allowing you and your surroundings to tune in on a synchronized rhythm of weightlessness. This rhythm will slowly make you drift into deep relaxation, which has proven to have healing properties and helps with tension, pain, stress and fatigue. Let Floatation help you to shield off the outside world and let your body and mind relax while time disappears.

Floatation for relaxation

How floatation is perceived

Those who have tried have experienced relaxation like never before; Floatation boosts your well-being and clears your mind. Many experience the feeling of being relaxed, revitalized and reborn after a float session. Floatation is described as comfortable, pleasant and soothing ritual many has introduced to their everyday life.

How does it work?

The float tank is filled with approximately 450 kg of pharmaceutical-grade Epsom salt. The Epsom salt is dissolved and always kept in water at skin temperature. The extreme dense solution is similar to the natural Dead Sea, carrying the weight of your body effortlessly. While lying down, the water covers about half of your body, with the front balancing above the waterline. The tank is sound and light proof, creating a tranquil place for your body to liberate itself from the stimulations of the outside world and the force of gravity, clear your head and let your mind drift away. The combination of decreased stress levels and increased endorphin and dopamine levels can make you feel good even for several days after.