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Why people living in Shanghai will benefit the most from floatation therapy



When was the last time you went a whole day without hearing the sound of construction, cars honking, tires squealing or someone talking very loud on a cellphone next to your ear?

Shanghai is still one of the fastest growing cities In the world. so the constructions will continue. Old houses are torn to make room for new bigger buildings and malls. With a population of over 23 million and and an annual growth rate of 3,11% there is of course a need for more apartments. But this also means that the construction will not stop and if you are unlucky you will be suffering from the noise for a long time.

More people mean more cars and more traffic jams leading to more honking. It is an easy equation. Taking the metro should be better but then there are so many people there as well. The stress of not getting anywhere in the crowds of people slowly moving forward like a heard of sheep in the catacombs between stations can really induce stress when you are late for work.

Hongking cars

Let´s go back to early mornings. Your alarm is ringing. If the ac is not already on you might turn it on before getting up from bed. Ac´s are loud. In winter time I turn on my own ac every morning before getting up from bed and never turn it off during the summer. Even new ac´s are loud.

Ac humming

Ok so now we have woken up and go to work. Between bed and getting to work, how many times have you heard your own or someone else´s phone vibrates, rings or beeps?

Arriving at work you find that a new ac is humming in the background while phones are ringing and printers are singing. I think you get my point by now. Shanghai is loud and there is absolutely no where to get away from the sound´s. Or wait. there is a way and that is why I wrote this.


At Floatasian Float Spa we have created an environment where you can come and float for an hour, get away from all external stimuli and just relax in a comfortable weightless, gravity free environment. You will feel as reborn after your session and you will want to come back for more.

You who live in Shanghai are in desperate need of letting your body and mind rest for a while. You have probably got so used to all the disturbing noise around you that your brain thinks it is normal. Some people have never experienced true relaxation and now they have a chance.

Floatation is something you should do regularly and it is beneficial to everyone. It is after all scientifically proved that floatation reduces stress and increases wellbeing.