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7 Common mistakes that first time floaters make and how to avoid them


Although floating is easy and everyone can benefit from floatation therapy, it will take a couple of float sessions before you get really good at it.

There are a few common mistakes that first time floaters make. Here is a short guide on how to avoid them.

1. Only float once

First time you float there is a chance that it will be a bit hard for you to relax fully. You will need some time to adjust to the unfamiliarity of lying in a tank experiencing weightlessness for the first time. The second time you float you will be familiar with everything and it will be much easier to relax. It is of course individual how long time it will take to reach a deeper state of relaxation. The important part to remember is that if you don´t love floatation the first time you try. Try it at least one more time before you give up!

Some are lucky and get an amazing experience already during their first float. Those customers come out in the relax area with a big smile on their face looking natural high. They usually need to sit alone for a while and just enjoy. A couple of minutes later they usually want to share with us what they have just experienced. Those moments are the best.

2. Salt water in the eyes

In our tanks you float in a mix of 600 liters of water and 450 kg of Epsom salt. Sometimes you start to sweat or have an itch on your face and you want to scratch it. Don´t do it! The salty water will sting your eyes and ruin the relaxing state you are in. Even though we always tell our customers to avoid this, it happens more often than you would think. For this reason we have put a towel inside the tank so that you can wipe the water off fast and continue floating.

Salt water in the eyes

3. Forget to go to the bathroom before floating

I can´t imagine anything more annoying than trying to relax in the tank feeling that you need to go to the bathroom. We have therefore invested in a super cool Japanese toilet with all the functions for a pleasant visit.

4. Forget to turn of the phone

One of the key features of floatation therapy is to remove external distractions such as sound and vibrations. Don´t ruin your session by letting your phone interrupt you in the middle of a deep state of relaxation. It will be hard for a beginner to get back into relaxing state after such a disruption.

5. Eating or drinking too much before floating or not eating at all

Eating or drinking too much before floating can make you feel full or ill. Your body´s digestive system will kick in and that will steel focus from relaxation. Try not to eat at least one hour before floating. The same goes for not eating at all. If you haven´t eaten anything your stomach might start growling and disturb your relaxation. In that case it is better to have a small snack before entering the tank.

Eating or drinking too much

6. Do not think about an orange apple

Meditation gurus say that the ultimate goal is to clear your head of thoughts. Easier said than done.

When trying to not think about anything you will realize that it is a hopeless spiral, because thinking about not thinking is still a thought. For example, try not to think about an orange apple? Did you manage?

A better way to clear your mind is to focus on your breathing and counting backwards from 100. Breathe in and and out, 99 breathe in and out, 98 and so on. You can instead of saying the numbers in your mind just imagining or visualize them appearing in front of you while counting down. Before you know it you have lost track of counting, letting your mind wander freely.

Gravity or zero gravity?

7. Not fully relaxing your neck and upper back

First time you float you will be amazed about how easy the water carries your weight. You don´t have to do anything. First time floaters can sometime have a hard time to relax fully especially in the neck area. They might be afraid that the salt water will not carry their head. Keeping your head up will increase the tension in your neck. Therefore it is important to relax that part. Even if you do relax your neck, a lot of people still will feel some tension in their neck. Usually the tension will go away after 10-20 minutes. We also provide a neck pillow for people who really want to keep their head above the water.

If you don´t want to wait 10-20 minutes you could try something we learned from a floatation spa owner in Sweden. He called it "The Fish". Wiggle your head to the right and to the left in the water a couple of times like a fish moving it´s fin. That usually helps. You can also place your arms above the head like a person surrender to the police. This position also relaxes your upper back, shoulders and spine.

The evolution of neck problem